Tootsie Roll Candy Brands

Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Pop, Blow Pop, Charms, Junior Mints, Dots, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, Charleston Chew, Andes Mints, Cellas, Fluffy Stuff, the iconic Mr. Owl, and  Dubble Bubble, Razzles, Cry Baby, Nik-L-Nip, Wack O Wax, and more. It is a virtual candy store of brands plus everyone’s favorite owl!


The Toy that flips for You! Not one, it’s two, it’s FlipaZoo! Each one flipping into something new! Loved around the world with over $450 million in sales and 121+ million media impressions, kids can’t get enough of the fun, flipping action. It’s two times the fun for everyone!

Katie Merz

Pace, energy, creativity, culture, and character from New York City’s neighborhoods imagined
for a modern home and urban lifestyle from the mural artworks of Katie (KT) Merz . KT’s work is
influenced by Brooklyn, cartoons, architecture, silence, and the kinetic structure of things. Her
signature style, densely packed glyph patterns create complex, non-linear narratives depicting
everything from poems, to site content, to conversations had with people passing by.

Mr. Puppy

He’s adorable. He’s irresistible. He’s everybody’s puppy. He’s Mr. Puppy!

Sign of the Apocalypse

It’s a compendium of observations, quotes, and dramas composed on an “internally illuminated, portable marquee” on the author’s front yard. The message is changed daily – slowing traffic to a honking crawl. The sign is his analog Twitter with a 100 character limit conveying pithy tidbits of thought and word play. All this perpetrated in spite of the girlfriend and in hopes of creating controversy and dismay in the town. She packed up and left and the community was surprisingly gruntled by the proceedings. 

Museum of Bad Art

Established in Boston in 1994, the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is the only museum in the world dedicated to bringing the worst of art to the widest of audiences. The collection proudly includes over 700 objects d’arte.



Artist/designer Sean Danconia’s latest hyper-inventive imagination explosion. Danconia’s vision masterfully superglues gaming, comics, anime, cinema, and music into the ultimate brand launch. Aimed at wide demographic from tweens, teens, and taste makers of all ages, SupaPop showcases Danconia’s east meets west “Pop-Fushion” art stylization and wide array of characters including Suzi Sixty-6, Afrobot / J. Soul 7, and Best Frenemies Bebe Bardo & Lolipop and her shape-shifting kitty, Kitigawa.